Love And Monsters Movie Review

Love and Monsters is an action-adventure romance that is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all bugs and insects are huge. The main protagonist is Joel Dawson, searching to find his high school sweetheart Aimee who lives in another colony. They reconnect over the radio, and Joel tells her that he is going into the open world to come to her colony. 

The movie is very exciting, and it has a lot of suspense surrounding the issue of wondering if Joel will survive his seven days on land. The movie is very good at giving Joel help in a not obvious way. On his travels, Joel meets a dog that saves him from a frog and ends up following Joel. Joel also meets a guy and a little girl halfway through the journey. They give him critical advice on which places are safe from the monsters and which places are hazardous. They also tell them always to be careful, and they teach him how to have confidence when fighting and not to chicken out. This movie teaches a lot about survival together with other human beings making it a lot easier.

Love and Monsters also has some moral and touching parts to it. One of them is how technology was growing rapidly with some fantastic inventions like a special robot that knows all knowledge and has a personality. These robots don’t matter anymore because batteries and chargers are scarce in the apocalypse times, and most don’t matter. Joel finds one while he is roaming around, and it works. The robot shows a photo of his parents before it dies. Joel hasn’t seen a photo of his parents or past life in almost a decade, and it is very shocking and emotional for Joel.

Love and Monsters also has very good critic ratings. With a 93 percent on rotten tomatoes and a 4.7-star Google movie review rating, the fans are pleased with this movie. The professional critics still enjoyed the movie, but they wish there was a little more with a 7/10 rating on IMDB and a 63 percent on Metacritic. With the movie coming out during covid times where it was mostly movie rentals on amazon prime or apple tv, the movie still made over a million dollars. The movie was also nominated for a visual effects Oscar because of its lively and detailed monsters.