Apple’s New Anti-Tracker Feature


A few days ago, Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads. This new iOS version blocked websites from tracking people’s iPhones. Before the latest iOS update, 14.5 websites could track iPhones and iPads, but now with the new updates, permission is required. 

This update was long-awaited. Now people have the choice to allow 3rd party apps to track their iPhone. Some people might ask, why were people allowed to track iPhones in the first place? Well, some apps such as “Find my iPhone,” “Apple Fitness,” or “Life 360” are meant to track people. These apps track location to help users, but there are other apps that can be dangerous if they can track people’s location. This is why Apple added this to the new iOS update. Now, all apps and websites are forced to ask for permission to track the iPhone or iPad.

Previously, apps were taking a lot more data and personal information from people. Apps such as PayPal take information and sell or give it to third-party apps. These apps know a lot about people, such as where they live and the people in their photos. These apps will also give people more ads than necessary. When the apps know more about the people, they will send more ads on what they enjoy. This is why with the new anti tracker feature, this won’t be a problem anymore. 

Although this situation sounds good, it is not helping some people. This new anti-tracker is only benefiting Apple. Previously, with third-party apps, they could make money off the ads that they gathered through personal information. Also, some apps are now completely shut down because they can not function because they can not track progress or activity. These tracking apps are now useless unless people agree for the app to track them. As most people know, there are many apps on the Apple store. Most of these apps can not make money and may shut down. They can not make money because they can’t get ads for people. Most of these apps need ads because they are not very popular. Even though this may not benefit people, it is better they released this update. Now people will be more comfortable with iPhones. This is also important because Apple makes a big deal about privacy. It is about time they did this.