Children’s Vaccine Approved

The Coronavirus is on a path to its destruction, or, at least, that’s what scientists and doctors believe. While the path is not as linear as the media displays, the advent of the Covid Vaccine is a game-changer. In the past, the vaccine was only available to people 60 years of age and older and those working in the medical industry. However, since then, it has been administered to everyone over 40 years of age, then lowered again to anyone over the age of 16. It could not be administered to children younger than 16 because it’s only suitable for adults. Children must receive a different dose of any vaccine because they could get ill otherwise. Despite these facts, all this changed recently. Now, children ages 12-18 can get protection from the virus.

Some people have argued that there is no need for a children’s vaccine since younger people tend not to get as sick, but 3.9 million children have fallen ill to Covid. Though many recovered, 308 have died. In addition to this, children can form an inflammatory disease as a result of the Coronavirus. This disease inflames organs such as the lungs, hearts, brains, and the digestive system, being fatal if not treated immediately. Therefore, it is without a doubt that children need this vaccine as much as adults. 

Pfizer-Biotech rose to the challenge and developed the first children’s Covid vaccine doses. Interestingly, the vaccine has not been approved under normal circumstances but authorized under EUA or Emergency Use Authorization. This means that the FDA can authorize unapproved medical products if there is no other solution. EUA is only used for threats of chemical, biological, radiation-related, and nuclear threats, so it cannot be used otherwise. 

Few people find this a cause for concern, which is valid. However, the vaccine has gone through an impressive amount of testing to ensure the absolute safety of children. 

Minor side effects can be observed, such as soreness, headaches, chills, and a minor fever. It all depends on the immune system of the individual. Doctors recommend drinking water before getting the vaccine to lessen the side effects. They also warn against having painkillers before the vaccine as it may diminish the effect of the doses. However, painkillers after the vaccine are encouraged to lessen the discomfort of the side effects. When getting the vaccine, it is essential to set aside at least 30 minutes to substitute the time it takes to wait for the doctor to call the person receiving the vaccine. Furthermore, the doctors, nurses, or pharmacists will have a section to sit for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine to observe allergic reactions. 

Thankfully, 600,000 thousand children in the USA have received the vaccine, and the numbers are expected to rise. With these statistics, the Coronavirus pandemic should end soon, and the world can return to normal.