NFL Qb’s That Never Lived Up to the Hype

The NFL Draft is a big tradition where in the offseason, the NFL drafts around 250 players into their league each year. In this draft, there are seven rounds, and some great players come out of it and some bad. Sometimes great QBs come from some of the last picks in the draft, and other times a high overall pick like a number one pick ends up being terrible in the NFL just because they can not survive the big leagues. In all the years of the NFL draft existing, there have been some really bad QBs coming into the league and even some terrible quarterback busts.


The worst NFL quarterback of all time was Ryan Leaf. Ryan played for Washington State University and was selected as the 2nd overall pick in the 1998 draft, just behind Payton Manning. The debate was who was a better quarterback Ryan Leaf or Payton Manning. The colts decided Payton had more potential than Ryan, so they picked him first, but since Ryan had the better arm, Ryan still went second. Ryan is known as the number #1 draft bust of all time for a reason. Ryan came into the season with the chargers with an undiagnosed wrist injury that he didn’t know he had. He played through and did poorly because of it. It ended up ruining his wrist, making it so he could never throw the same again. Ryan was also a horrible teammate. He would scream at players in the locker room and tear up reporters. In his second season, he did not play, and then in his 3rd season, he played again. In the 3rd season, his team went 1-15, and he went to the cowboys the next season. In that season, he had another wrist injury in the 4th week and retired at 26.


Another terrible quarterback that never lived up to the hype was JaMarcus Russel. Where JaMarcus went wrong was that he was very lazy. In 2007 going into the draft, he was seen as a special talent because of his size and arm strength as a quarterback with good awareness for the game. The Raiders and fans saw this, so they took him number 1 in the draft. JaMarcus then proceeded to hold out until week 1 and did not put any effort into practicing with the team. He finally started in the final week and did not do that great. Russell was released in May of 2010 and never got a signing with another NFL team.


Overall there have been some terrible QBs in the NFL and there are a lot more that will come in the future.