Apocalypto Movie Review

Now, there are so many movies out there that it would be impossible to watch them all in one lifetime. However, if you had to view all of the best movies in one lifetime, then Apocalypto would definitely be one of them. The 2-hour, 17-minute action movie envelopes viewers into a world of fear, adventure, and urgency. Apocalypto has a rating of R for sequences of graphic violence, disturbing images, etc. This movie is not for the faint of heart, yet there is no better movie in the world for those who seek excitement. 

The movie takes its viewers into the wilderness of pre-Columbian South America and into the brutal culture of Mayan civilization. The movie shows a young man’s story, as he is torn from his peaceful way of life in the most terrible fashion and forced into the cruel hands of people who have no regard for human life. Despite all of the hardship that the unfortunate hero must face, he must rush back to his destroyed home to save the last of his family. It seems to be an impossible task that the young hero must face, and yet through courage and determination, the light of hope remains.

On top of an incredibly compelling story, so bursting with action that it forces the viewer into the world, Apocalypto features a resounding message. Do not give in to fear because fear will destroy your soul and never leave you. This is what allows the unfortunate protagonist to overcome an impossible situation. Every scene of the movie is visually shocking, with an amazing array of settings constantly changing from one to another. On top of the scenery, there is always something new and exciting happening in the movie. Scatterings of small yet exciting details and events further contribute to the action and adventure of Apocalypto. 

Apocalypto is an overall fantastic movie, with incredible scenery, action, acting, writing, and directing. Despite all of the action and unbelievable scenes, Apocalypto remains surprisingly believable to its audience. Having ratings from 66% to 78% on different movie review platforms, Apocalypto is an incredibly underrated movie for the amount of entertainment that viewers get from watching it. While not everyone enjoys watching intense, violent scenes, those that do not have a problem with this form of action would go crazy over this movie.