Most ridiculous laws in America


It is without a doubt that the laws of America have protected its citizens from many dire circumstances. However, this does not mean that all laws passed in America are the greatest. Some of the laws passed in America are so silly that it’s funny!

In Washington, they passed a law that states that the hunting/killing of Bigfoot is a felony and will be punished with a sentence of 5 years in prison. This law passed in 1969 and later amended, deeming Bigfoot as an endangered species. An even stranger law is the one passed in Rhode Island. The law explains that biting off someone’s limb could send people off to 20 years in prison. How did they think of that?! 

Something that is done in an everyday cycle is banned in Oklahoma! Eavesdropping on others is illegal in this state! New Jersey has an even stranger law than that of Oklahoma. While committing a murder, they are prohibited from wearing a bulletproof vest. In Nevada, though uncommon, lying down on sidewalks is illegal! 

Everyone has messed up on their national anthem at least once. Although that is the case, in Massachusetts, singing the national anthem incorrectly can get someone fined. In Hawaii, while driving across the country, there won’t be any billboards anywhere! In fact, it’s illegal to have billboards. 

When eating fried chicken, it’s common to eat with people’s hands instead of their utensils. That is specified in the law of Georgia stating that eating fried chicken with a fork is illegal. In 2009, a woman had jokingly defied this law and was arrested (later pardoned)! California takes its frogs’ rights seriously! It’s prohibited to eat frogs after they have died in frog-jumping contests. It’s amazing that the thought of eating frogs post-mortem is even thought of!

Everyone has pronounced “Arkansas” wrong at least once. Be careful not to in the state, though! It’s prohibited to incorrectly pronounce “Arkansas” as it is “discouraging incorrect pronunciation of its name” (USAToday). In Pennsylvania, bartering infant children is illegal. To others, this must be common sense, but Pennsylvania must’ve had some situations that were unavoidable! North Carolina, however, probably had some jokers in their workplace. They have a law that states that meetings will not be held if someone is wearing a mask, costume, hood, etc.

These laws are notably quite dumb and give a good laugh; nonetheless, plenty of other laws have kept the citizens safe from any inconveniences and have jailed many harmful people.