Why do People believe there are Microchips in the COVID Vaccine?

If there’s any constant in this ever-changing world, it’s got to be paranoia. It lives in all of us, some letting it roam around inside their feelings, while others banish it to the jail in their brain. Whether we choose to show it or choose to close it off. Parents feel it for their kids, not wanting anything to happen to them. People feel it because THEY don’t want to get hurt. But recently, paranoia has sprouted into a very dangerous thing – theories. From COVID, people have had more time isolated within their own minds. And now that people have seen the vaccine, they get skeptical. To some, it came out of nowhere, and so they think that the reason they have been so prioritized… is because the government is using them to their advantage. 

You saw the title, you know what this is about, you know that people actually believe there are trackers implanted inside of the vaccines that get transferred to the human bloodstream when injected. And while this might not be true by itself, there are several points of origin from where this could have started. You see, an early thought for the vaccine, looked into by MIT researchers, was to use an Invisible dye that allowed people to be checked for if they got the vaccine. Luckily, that was never approved past the Animal Testing Stage. James Tabery, a professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, excellently summarized this beginning stage of a conspiracy by saying, “You sort of mash those two things together and sprinkle some paranoia and you get Bill Gates wants to microchip everyone,” in an interview by ABC4.

An alternative reason could come from misunderstanding, instead of warping. Goldberg, another person addressing the conspiracies of the vaccine, believes that people have been misinterpreting the use of the chips on the syringe of the vaccine. Instead of tracking WHO they have given vaccines to, it has tracked the AMOUNT of vaccine usage into a database, likely for more data about the vaccine’s success.

And aside from the causes of the vaccine theory specifically, modern society has been able to believe all theories more and more. The rapidly increasing rate of Government Controversy, as well as more dependency on entertainment from harmful, untrustworthy people on Social Media Sites, means that to some people, theories are getting much, much more believable. Even using statistics, a poll in 1985 shows that about 75% of Americans trust the Government’s Decisions. Now, it’s down to about 17%, and it seems like that will only go down from there.

Overall, the moral of the story is to not trust grown men on the internet writing about theories that are unsafe to humanity as a whole… instead listen to 7th and 8th graders write about them. Unless it’s Matpat. But hey, that’s just a Theory. A… VACCINE THEORY!!! Thanks for Reading!