New Drugs that Block Brain Chemicals

Doctors have developed a new drug to help patients cope with one of the most common neurological diseases, better known as migraine. Migraine is an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease, affecting 39 million people in the U.S and 1 billion worldwide. One of the latest prescriptions for helping migraines is Erenumab, developed by Amgen Inc. and Novartis in 2018. It is similar to an EpiPen with its shape and how it works, but it is different because you need to take it once every month.

So far, in the three years of production, the drug has demonstrated satisfactory results. One example of how this drug has helped patients is through the story of Haily Gudgin. When she was working as a nursing student at the age of nineteen, she experienced her first migraine. She stated that it was so strong she thought she had a brain hemorrhage. She went to the doctor, and they prescribed her some medications that contained caffeine with pain relievers, making the migraines less intense. However, that did not last long. Also, she could not take medicine anymore after she got pregnant with her first child. Eventually, after the birth of her child, she took that medicine again, but the migraines only got worse. She was persistent and kept trying other medications, but her side effects were worsening. She later found out through an article about a new drug that helps with migraines. She asked her neurologist ¨if she could take it¨, and they agreed for her to take it. The new medication was Erenumab. Haily saw a huge improvement in her daily life.

 More people like her with nagging migraines have had the same experience and have had positive results with the medication. Erenumab comes in the form of an EpiPen and is used by injecting it into a patient’s abdomen, thigh, or upper arm. The dose for Erenumab is 70 mg or 140 mg and needs to be taken once a month. Since the FDA approved the prescription in 2018, many patients have had positive results after taking it. Since then, the development of this drug has proven it to be one of or if not the best drug to use if patients are suffering from chronic migraines.