Comparing Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu

Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu are all streaming platforms where millions of people watch shows and movies. Among the three streaming services, they are all very similar. As of today, Netflix is the most popular. Netflix has thousands of shows and movies offered subscriptions similar to Hulu and Disney Plus, but the competition against Netflix is rising.

Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus are all very popular because everyone likes watching TV. They are all unique streaming platforms for people to watch TV. They all publish their original and unique films, which makes them very popular. On Disney Plus, the most popular shows have been Wanda Vision and The Mandalorian. The most popular shows people watch on Netflix are animes and Netflix Originals. The most popular show on Hulu is Modern Family. Hulu also offers live sports.

They are all good streaming services, but Netflix has the most subscriptions. Most people and sources think this because there are wide varieties of topics to watch. For instance, Netflix has documentaries, original movies, and different television series that are very popular. Also, lately, anime has been getting more popular, so even more people are watching Netflix. Netflix has over 200 million subscriptions in the United States of America. Netflix has more than eight times the amount of subscriptions as Hulu. Hulu only has 25 million subscriptions. Netflix also has more than double the number of Disney plus’s subscriptions. Disney Plus only has 95 million subscriptions. But Disney plus has only been out for two and a half years. For Disney Plus to only be released for two and a half years, it is impressive to have almost one hundred million subscriptions.

Every year in the U.S, Netflix makes 2.76 billion dollars a month. They make money from subscriptions, streams, and DVD rental services. With this money, they invest in other projects and shows. This is the main reason why Netflix is so much more popular than the other streaming services. It makes more shows that are enjoyable to watch. It is an endless cycle because when they release a new show, more people watch, giving Netflix more money to create more shows. Not many streaming services can compete with the number of shows Netflix produces is because they don’t have enough money to create new shows. But, when other streaming services produce new shows, it is not as popular as Netflix. Although they are all different streaming services, Netflix is by far the most popular for many reasons.