Student Spotlight – Naina B.

She is a friend, baker, artist, sister, daughter, and classmate. She is one of the sweetest people ever and is always ready to help others out. This 8th grader is intelligent, talented, and a hard worker who always goes the extra mile. Not only does she take all GATE classes, but she also takes geometry as a bridge course at Valencia High School. She is also a member of Kraemer’s ASB, which is her favorite class. If that weren’t enough, she juggles many different extracurriculars outside of school by dancing, playing tennis, and is a Girl Scout. Whenever she can make time out of her busy schedule, she loves to try different art projects and different recipes in the kitchen. This aspiring baker pipes and decorates elaborate designs on her desserts to make them too pretty to eat!  This talented Kraemer student is Naina B.! 

The worldwide pandemic has put a dent in everyone’s lives, including Naina’s. Covid-19 stopped her from dancing, being social, and made school a lot harder. Naina loves to dance, but the pandemic stopped her from going to dance classes. Dance classes weren’t just about dancing; they were an opportunity for Naina to de-stress and forget about school for a while. There was some light in all the darkness, though, and Naina said spending so much time at home had some benefits. She got closer to her family members, which include her mom, dad, and younger sister. She also got better at art and baking because she spent so much time doing them. Covid-19 made school so much harder and changed everything to online or a hybrid schedule. Naina spent most of her 8th-grade year doing online school until she finally got to go back on the 3rd first day of school on April 19, 2021. She said going back in person made school so much easier and fun because it became easier to focus, and she got more motivation. School also let her get out of the house and be more social again. During online school, she said that she didn’t like staring at her computer all day when she could have been doing hands-on activities. Naina said the only benefit of online school was sleeping in! 

All in all, Naina B. is a hard worker and a kind individual. Naina’s friends say she is a wonderful person to hang out with and is an amazing friend.