Gun Control- When is Enough, Enough

Everyone has heard about the recent mass shootings happening all over the United States. In the last few years, many people have been victims of mass shootings in schools, public areas, and just about any place with vulnerable people. In a recent mass shooting in Southern California, 4 people were killed, including a child, when a man locked the door to a building with a bicycle lock and shot at them. The saddest part is, the child, that was 9 years old, was said to have died in his mother’s arms while they were both gunned down. This shows how gun control needs to be heavily enforced and new laws should be put in place to prevent an average person from purchasing a firearm. 

Most guns on the market today are made more to be entertaining with rapid-fire rates and being called “self-defense” weapons. Many recent mass shootings have had, AR-15s, Sawed-off shotguns, and other automatic or semi-automatic weapons. In places like Texas, guns are known to be extremely easy to get there since the laws for owning guns are very light and just about everyone could get one if they wanted. These weapons can then be moved to states with stronger gun laws and be used with malicious intent in murders. Plus many gun owners own many more than just one gun. 

In the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, a 64-year-old man with an arsenal of weapons in his room started raining bullets on people attending a concert. The firing resulted in the deaths of 63 people, and 867 people injured. The shooter had over twenty pistols and rifles in his room to cause the most harm he could. Instead of reloading, he would switch to another gun to continue his spree. In an interview, someone who knew him said he seemed like a normal person and it was unimaginable that someone like that would ever do such a thing. This is another point that guns should be taken away from everyone’s hands since most guns today aren’t made for self-defense, they’re made for rapid-fire and taking down groups of people. In places like Canada, it’s even illegal to own a taser. In the United States, we should change how other people see us and make our reputation one that is welcoming and not full of gun violence and weak laws against them.