Should Vaccinated People Wear Masks?

As the pandemic continues and more people are getting vaccinated, the question is now: should masks be mandatory for vaccinated people? There are many different reasons why people should and shouldn’t have to wear masks.

A big reason people should wear masks is to protect themselves and others from the different strains of COVID. The virus is mutating into different strains. Those variations are more deadly than the typical virus, and the vaccine is only meant to protect people from the first strain. Compared to the others, masks are the only known way to protect ourselves from all of the variants. Also, some stores allow people not to wear masks if they are vaccinated, but how will they know that person is vaccinated? They won’t. There’s no way of a person knowing if that person is vaccinated or not, and when there’s a child under the age of 12, that’s a big risk to take. People rely on those around them to keep them safe, but with everything that has happened during the pandemic, is that a risk worth taking?

Another reason is that kids under 12 cannot receive the vaccine, making them more susceptible to getting the virus. However, if the members of their family who can get vaccinated are, then the chances of them getting it are low. But still, kids are at risk since those who have the vaccine have a slight chance of carrying it and giving it to younger ones. Also, just because a person is vaccinated doesn’t mean that they 100% won’t get the virus. Getting vaccinated only means that the person is susceptible to COVID.

In addition, wearing masks doesn’t only help keep people protected from COVID, but from other illnesses too. Researchers from Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that the number of hospitalized patients for a respiratory illness has dropped 62% across 44 different children’s hospitals during the pandemic. This shows that masks reduce the chances of getting sick, not only COVID-wise but also for other illnesses.

Some may disagree and say that wearing masks is entirely useless, but if it keeps themselves and loved ones safe, why is it so bad? Vaccinated people should still wear it because even if the chance that they or smaller children may get the virus is small doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take precautions.