Masters Golf Tournament Makes History

The Masters tournament is something golfers look forward to every year. The beautiful and exclusive Augusta National golf course is always fun to see. The only way anyonecan play this course is if they are playing in the tournament or have been asked to become a member. No one cannot join the golf courseby themselves, so the only way to get in is by being someone they would ask and want there. This golf course is located in Augusta, Georgia. It has a beautiful entry drive that many people would pay a lot of money to see it.


This tournament has been going on since 1934. Since 1948 though the last day of the tournament has been on the second Sunday of April. It is the first major golf tournament of the year, which gets people excited for the rest of the season.


This year, the Masters tournament made history. Hideki Matsuyama, a Japanese American, won the tournament. He was the first Japanese ever to win the tournament, which must have made his country proud. The total cash prize was about $11,500,000, which is a lot of money for one tournament. The week before, still in Augusta, they held the Women’s Amateur, and another Japanese ended up winning. Her name is Tsubasa Kajitani, and she won in the first playoff hole. Them winning made history and made their country excited and proud. Hideki has 14 professional wins, which is a lot in that level of competition. He is only 29 years old and has already won such a major tournament like the Masters. Not a lot of people in their lifetime can say they have done this. Although he won this tournament in America, Hideki does not speak much English. This makes it hard for him to do interviews and interact with his fans. Sometimes, fans get upset by him not talking to them or signing, but it is mainly because he would not be able to. Although he cannot have conversations with others, he is still a loved golfer all around the world.


On that last day of the tournament, anyone still had the chance to win, but Hideki stood above them all. He had a spectacular round and scores which put him ahead of the rest of the field. He finished at -10 for four days, winning by just one to Will Zalatoris, another great golfer. Overall it was good for Hideki Matsuyama to win and break history.