Several Companies are Providing Free Items for Those who have been Vaccinated

Many companies have been giving away free food, gift cards to people who have proof that they have been vaccinated. There are some great items being given away, but others aren’t so great.

The first thing being offered is an original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme announced on Monday that they would be giving away free doughnuts all day, every day, to people who are vaccinated starting on April 22. That’s not all, though. They also said that this offer will continue to be valid throughout the rest of the year; however, it is only available in the US. The person has to have at least 1 of the two shots for Pfizer and Moderna and has to have the one shot from J&J.

The next item being given away is cash. Employers are giving their staff cold hard cash for getting the vaccine. Petco is offering a $75 bonus. Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Dollar General are all giving their employees 4 hours of pay. Kroger gives its employees $100 in store credit and $100 in cash, which Publix is giving its staff a $125 gift card. An e-commerce rewards setup called Drop is offering $50 in points to users who show a vaccination selfie.

Beer is the next freebie on the list. Samuel Adams has launched a promotion called “Shot and a beer.” This promotion covers the cost of a beer for the first 10,000 people (21 and over) who share evidence of their vaccination on social media. Post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShotforSam and tag @SamuelAdamsBeer. The beer company will then give you $7 via CashApp for the beer.

The next item isn’t exactly something being given away. Staples and Office Depot are offering free vaccination card lamination. Being vaccinated is a big deal, and some people want to preserve the evidence of their vaccination. This card is also the easiest way to prove you have had the Covid-19 vaccination. This offer, however, is only available until April 3 for Staples. Staples is making another offer, though. Similar to the one at Office Max. Both supply stores are giving out a coupon code. The coupon code for Office Max is 52516714, which is usable through July 25. The coupon code for Staples is 81540, which is valid through May 1.

There are many other places that are praising employees and civilians for getting the vaccine, though. These couple ones are just a meer few freebies that companies are giving away.