Best Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

With summer coming and the vacation season nearing, many people are wondering where to go for a break. Even when researching online, there are numerous options that pop up such as Paris, Italy, South Korea, and more. This might put a lot of people in split decisions, making them indecisive about the best place to travel for a fun trip. However, out of these choices, there is one must-go-to location that definitely comes up as a recommendation on websites. As much as how famous it is, Bangkok is an over-the-top city for vacation. It’s the capital of Thailand and the most populous city in the country, with multiple things to do during the day or evening. Bangkok is famously known for its vibrant street life and fun, yet affordable activities to do. Within these activities, there are a few that travelers should do for the best experience. The top three are taking a tour at the Grand Palace, shopping at the Siam Paragon, and taking a relaxing massage in the city. 

Introducing the first choice, one of the most well-known locations to tour in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is said to be the “heart of Bangkok” and has been the official home of the kings of Siam for a long period of time. Along with its detailed history which goes deep into the past, the palace is built of beautiful and stunning architectural designs. There are many components that support this huge building that’s made up of multiple palaces and temples. When visitors go into the Grand Palace, they’ll find pavilions, halls, and pleasing sceneries representing nature. Even within the palace, there are many sections to look at, including the infamous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) is a marvelous chapel and is also called the Buddhist Temple. This temple is situated within the palace walls and is surrounded by seven gates because it’s a monastery for monks. The building’s design symbolizes classical Thai architecture and shows the reigns of various family lines of kings who once ruled the country. Adding on to this, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha serves diverse purposes as well, where one can go in to pray and give thanks in peace and tranquility.

Moving on to the second activity, another thing to do in Bangkok is shopping at the Siam Paragon. Although there are many shopping centers in the city, the Siam Paragon is one of the most popular malls for tourists. To get here, people usually ride taxis, cars, or the BTS Skytrain (the more famous option) for transportation. This iconic place houses countless fashion brands, stores, and grand shops to provide joy for their customers. Not only this, but there are also exhibition halls, the Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium, bowling alleys, and countless other entertainment purposes too. The Siam Paragon is also filled with lots of food stations and restaurants to satisfy customers who get hungry while shopping. Out of these eating locations, the Siam paragon FoodHall is filled with must-try foods that are both unique and delicious. Some examples of foods to eat include spicy pho (with toppings of choices such as fried spring rolls, fish cakes, etc.), Haagen-Dazs ice cream, sushi, shaved ice, and an assortment of pastries. There are a variety of cuisines from different countries and cultures all over the world, ranging from American foods to fabulous Asian creations. 

Finally, the last bullet point that should be on one’s wish list when visiting Bangkok, is getting a relaxing massage at one of the local shops located in the city. These massages can be received almost anywhere throughout Bangkok and are reasonably priced/affordable by anyone. The workers there are well-mannered and welcoming, serving teas before or after massages and giving their best effort to provide a nice, stress-relieving massage to visitors. Once people enter the shops, they’ll be able to fill out a form or be questioned about which part of the body (legs, back, arms, etc.) they want massaging, and whether or not they want the level of massage to be easy, medium, or hard. Afterward, customers will feel a flow of calmness and sense of composure pass through them, giving them the strength to be ready for whatever else they have planned for later on.

Given these reasons, as many can see, Bangkok is the perfect city to visit for summer or any type of vacation. This place is located in Thailand and is popular for many of its recreation activities that are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone. With so many options to choose from, the top three tourists in Bangkok should do are visiting the Grand Palace, shopping at the Siam Paragon, and getting a massage in one of the local areas. These recommendations would be sure to satisfy the wishes of people who want to have a great time and as much fun as they can.