Bento Box

What is a bento box? Is it a package in a box? Is it a toy? No, a bento box is a single portion packed meal in a small box. Or, the proper definition of a Bento box is a multicompartment box used for containing the different courses of a usually Japanese lunch. Bento Box is a really good and tasty meal depending on what is inside. This meal originated from Japan. This meal is also commonly found at Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean restaurants. Typically, in a bento box, there is rice or noodles, with meat or fish with cooked vegetables on the side. Although this is sometimes not the case. 

Bento Boxes can be very different from another. It is known to have a little bit of everything. Although it has been around since the 1100s it hasn’t always been the same. The bento box was typically made for school or work since it is so easy to prepare and eat out of. But now, people are eating them whenever they want. The Bento Box is becoming more popular as time goes on because it is so easy to make and eat. Nobody wants a meal that is messy or hard to transport. This is why the Bento Box is perfect. It is made for eating whenever on the go.

Mostly in Bento Boxes is Asian food, but even if it is not Asian food in the bento box it is still considered a bento box. Also over time, there have been restaurants specializing in Bento Boxes. In some restaurants, people can choose what they want inside their meal. Bento can be found almost everywhere. The most simple bento which is one of the most popular types of bento is called the Sako Bento. This bento box contains a slice of broiled salmon with some rice on the side. The salmon usually contains sauce which tastes really good. The Kyaraben Bento is specifically made for kids. This type of Bento is inspired by anime and other movies involving animated characters. There are thousands of more different types of bento which is probably also delicious. 

Bento Boxes aren’t really the healthiest dish because most times things are fried or contain unhealthy ingredients. Although the food may not be healthy, the dish is considered healthy because of the balance of food. This is another reason why this dish is popular. It tastes good, and it is considered healthy.