Events of the Week

As many students are returning to the school’s campus for the fourth quarter, the week in Kraemer is more exciting.  The school’s ASB and staff members have been hard at work trying to make student’s first days in the school safe and fun. To celebrate the “third first day of school” this week was also Spirit Week.

The Spirit Week started off on Monday where students got to wear Kraemer’s spirit colors blue and gold. This was a way to show spirit for the school. ASB students also held up “Need Help” signs throughout the first two days of school. They helped students get to their classes on time. On Tuesday, students and teachers wore their favorite sports team jerseys, shirts, or hats for Sports Day. As Wednesday is an all-online school day, students and teachers got to wear their pajamas to school. Blackout Thursday, where students wear all black, was another fun day that students and teachers participated in. Saving the best for last, Friday was Disney Day. Students can wear any Disney-themed shirts, hats, and even socks. Mickey Mouse ears were also allowed. The week is packed with great activities but there are many new rules and expectations to see. 

Since there are more students there are fewer seating areas on the lunch tables which led to students being allowed to eat on the blacktop for safety reasons. Other changes have also been made to keep students safe. For example, plexiglass has been added to every desk in the classrooms. Also, students can only take off their masks when eating or drinking during lunch and break. Cafeteria food is also free for students if they have an ID card. Speaking of ID cards, Room 803(Mr. Castro’s Room)is open during lunch and breaks this whole week, except Friday, to make ID cards for students. Although after this week the room will only be open on breaks and replacement IDs will be $2. Hand sanitizer and wipes are in every classroom so students can keep their hands and desks clean. Desks are also socially distanced and at least three feet apart. 

With all this, the school has become a safe place for students and teachers alike.