Comparing Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu

Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu have become well known as a source of entertainment. They’ve also been compared numerous times. What is the difference between them? Is one better than the other? Or is it according to preferences? These questions have come up multiple times.

Netflix is known worldwide for having many features and a variety of shows. Netflix’s release strategy draws the attention of thousands of people. Theydropentire season(s) of shows at one time, saving time from waiting every week for an episode. Among the three, Netflix takes the lead regarding availability. It is available in over 180 countries. Each country has a separate catalog that targets the audience within each place. A feature that disappoints many people every year is that Netflix constantly adds and subtracts shows from its service. Depending on the plan that someone chooses, the price of Netflix ranges from $8.99 per month to $17.99 per month. The amount of screens in one account also varies according to the different plans that they have. The basic plan lets only one screen in an account. However, the standard plan offers two screens, and the premium plan provides four screens (plus 4k quality) in one account.

Out of the three, Disney+ is the newest. Disney+’s main priority is to bring out the biggest movies and series into their audience’s living room. Disney+ holds lots of originals such as The Mandalorian, WandaVision, and more. Since Disney+’s target audience are families, there won’t be much mature content on the service. Movies like Deadpool are not expected to be shown on Disney+. The price for Disney+ is relatively simple compared to other services. It’s $7 per month or 70$ for a year if chosen to pay upfront. Disney+ was launched without any key features that help families search for specific movies/series. The visuals offered by Disney+ is 4K Ultra HD provided for most of the content. Unlike Netflix, families don’t need to worry about paying more for the amazing quality. This source of entertainment also supports four screens to simultaneously stream its content.

Hulu has been around for about a decade and offers original content, and is known as one of the biggest streaming services in the world. Hulu holds content from a variety of studios. For people who would like to watch more eccentric content, Hulu would be the perfect option. Contradictory to Netflix, Hulu’s audience doesn’t have to wait for whole seasons to end before watching more episodes. Hulu provides episodes almost immediately after they’ve been streamed. Hulu also has a program called Hulu+Live TV. This service lets people stream several live networks and cable channels. The pricing for Hulu is quite complicated compared to the others, however. The basic Hulu service is $6 while, to watch Hulu without ads, it is $12 (note that short ads may still play at the beginning from select programs). Hulu+Live TV is $65 containing ads while, without ads, it is $71. Hulu finally supports 4K Ultra HD, but it’s limited towards selected Hulu original programming. All the other movies/series provide 1080p. Hulu is also stuck with stereo sound (which, compared to other entertainment services, is unfortunate). Hulu gives the option of having only two screens simultaneously streaming.

All three are great streaming services with both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the audience’s taste of movies/series, any one of them could be perfect for them! Remember, there are many other streaming platforms to choose from, and people don’t have to be limited to these three.