New Changes in Cohorts

Quarter 4 has brought on a plethora of changes. For one, Kraemer will be opening its doors to even more students. In addition, the six feet apart rule has been reduced to only three feet inside of classrooms. Cohort A and B will be combined. Though there are going to be many changes, many factors will stay the same. 

Kraemer will be opening its gates even wider with the new CDC recommendation. More students are coming to in-person school. Some classes have increased by more than 100% of their original number of students. The six feet apart rule was reduced to three feet, as recommended by the CDC. This will also help accommodate the extra students in the classrooms. 

Cohort A and B will be combined so that all in-person students will be going to school at the same time for 4-day weeks. Wednesdays are still remote learning days to give the staff time to disinfect the school. 

Masks are still required, and desks have plexiglass shields to keep all the students safe. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are freely given to students, and if need be, teachers will give out masks to students if their mask breaks or gets lost. 

The teachers are very strict about mask usage to ensure the safety of all students. If any reports of Covid come in, the entire school will be notified. The top priority is safety. 

Coming into class, students will be given a disinfectant wipe that they can use to wipe off their desks that remain socially distanced. They will leave the classroom through a backdoor to prevent getting too close to incoming students. 

During lunch, students will sit socially distanced to eat and chat with friends. Teachers have also helped students with social distancing by adding indicators on the lunch tables. This will ensure safety without confusion. The students also have a choice of going to the blacktop and field after they have finished their lunch. 

Students may find that their computers are low on battery around this time. Teachers have power outlets that can accommodate multiple students’ charging computers. The Kraemer wifi is also available to all students.

Students who remain distanced will continue to learn from home. Thanks to the wonderful Kraemer Staff, both remote and in-person students will receive the attention they need. 

Many students are very excited about their new opportunities to meet up with their friends and see faces again, even if they are hidden behind masks and layers of plexiglass. Agnes Lee, a student at Kraemer who is currently doing in-person learning, says, “I was really overwhelmed at first…but it’s fun seeing people who were alone at first have people around. It’s fun to surge through the crowds of people, but it’s also uncomfortable to continually bump into them, haha.” 

Although the new regulations are tough, Agnes says that she would always choose to stay in an in-person school. “I would definitely stay in person. I admit that waking up and going to school online is obviously easier, but, for me, it’s harder to make friends virtually than in person.”

Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life extensively, but with these new steps, normalcy is slowly getting closer and more tangible.