Black Widow Movie: Latest Information

We all know the drill with these types of articles. COVID hit, theatres closed, and movies got delayed. Marvel especially got ruined by this, but now seem to be able to get things up to date. Now with a firm release date, plot, and no intention of it getting delayed, let’s talk about the 2 year+ overdue Black Widow film, coming as Marvel’s first movie since July… 2019

The official release date of Black Widow currently is July 9, 2021. This release date really puts the effect of COVID into perspective, as it allows it to come out just barely over 2 years after the last Marvel movie, Spider Man: Far From Home. When you take into account that Marvel usually releases at least 2 movies a year, we know that it must have been as hard for them as it was for us to wait. And hopefully, it can deliver a masterpiece well worth the stalling. However, fans shouldn’t be too surprised if some of the scenes seem awkward or out of place. The gap they’ve had can very easily have been time they used to change and revise a lot of scenes. This is shown in the show Falcon and The Winter Soldier, in which the main plot, originally involving a plague outbreak (sound familiar) had to be scrapped, for the new plot that I will NOT spoil in this article.

Plot. The story of a movie, what it’s all about, what we can expect from a movie. Will Black Widow find her long lost German shepherd to fight the Alien Invasion? Will she use the power of Schwarma to unite fictional characters from different realities into war against the Spaghetti Ogre tribe? Will she watch so much anime that she ascends to a higher plane of existence and goes back in time to stop the villain’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather? Probably not. The movie will primarily take place in Budapest, a running callback between Hawkeye and Black Widow, that will shed some light on her past. It takes place in between the movies Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, and with characters that will reveal much of her checkered past. Trailers show her with her family figures in Russia, consisting of her Father-figure Alexei Shostkov, otherwise known as the Russian Super-Soldier Red Guardian. He possesses extraordinary physical strength and hand-to-hand Combat skills. Her Mother Figure Melina Vostokoff and Sister Figure/Rival Yelena Bolova also are on Natasha’s (Black Widow) side, both possessing very similar agility and skill. The villain seems to be Taskmaster, a foe in comics that can study, predict, and mimic any technique of any foe. While nothing about taskmaster is known for sure, fans know that they will at least have some important role in the upcoming movie.

That’s all for now about the incredibly anticipated Blockbuster Black Widow, be sure to keep up with Marvel information through videos and articles, and hopefully have yourself a good day.