Danish Protest Pigs

The ultimate case of well-thought-out revenge is the Danish protest pig. This protest pig has a deep history in rebellions, as the name might suggest. The Danish pig was first bred in the 17th century in Denmark. These pigs became a symbol of Denmark after the war. The Danish Pigs have a white horizontal belt going from their front legs to their neck. There are currently only about 60 Danish protesters still alive, with the German government trying to preserve them.

These pigs have a deep history between Denmark and Prussia. It all started in the 19th Century when Denmark and Prussia were at war. The two countries couldn’t agree on a border and went to war, with Denmark winning. But Prussia wasn’t done, and over ten years later attacked Denmark again over the border. Prussia ended up winning this time. Many farmers who lived in that land did not like the new rule banning Danish flags and bred a pig that looked like the Danish flag in protest.

The breeding process was not particularly difficult, with the pig only needing two prominent white stripes over a red fur coat. The farmers succeeded in breeding a pig with a red fur coat but failed to make two stripes, with the final product having a red coat with one white stripe going down to the pig’s front legs. A male Danish Protest pig can weigh between 400kg to 300kg with a female, or a sow, weighing between 350kg to 240kg. Like most pigs, the protest pig is classified as very hardy.

After breeding the Danish Protest Pig, the farmers distributed them among other farmers who wanted to rebel. This pig became a symbol of Danish independence, but there are currently only about 60 Danish Protest pigs still alive today, with many of these farm animals in zoos. But pigs weren’t the only way people were protesting when Germany took a part of Denmark; they banned the use of alcohol, which angered many Danish citizens. They decided to rebel with a sønderjysk kaffebord, or coffee table, which had a dozen or so “rebel cakes” on it. A revolution was never so delicious!