More Setbacks with the Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccine

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COVID-19 Vaccine

It has been over a year since Coronavirus was declared a national pandemic, and in this year so many people have suffered from a lack of work or illness. The globe has witnessed an economic shutdown almost everywhere on Earth, and so many people have been placed under lockdown and restrictions that entire cities are largely at home. It is of utmost importance that this pandemic ends as soon as possible, and recently hope has risen in the form of vaccines. These vaccines however may not be the answer that everyone is looking for, or at least not yet. As more people take the vaccines, more flaws and side effects are beginning to come to light.


Of course, vaccines and the Coronavirus are a global issue, so that means that no two countries will have the same approach. There are several different vaccines produced by many different companies, and so far the majority of them have worked out alright. However, one of the earliest vaccines to arrive, the AstraZeneca vaccine, has faced problem after problem since its release. Up until now, the Astra vaccine has faced issues with efficacy standards in general and in age. Some claims have been made that the Astra vaccine has an efficacy rate lower than 10% in the over 65 age group, arguably the group that needs it the most. In just the last month however, the addition of blood clot disputes further sullied the vaccines reputation. After several people reported dangerous blood clots after taking the vaccine, over a dozen European countries have suspended the use of the vaccine. So far, AstraZeneca has denied every accusation, but many people are still frightened to take the vaccine.


Along with problems about the vaccine itself, there have been many issues with the vaccine rollout plans in different countries. In America, the early weeks of vaccine distribution took place in a seismic shift of political power in the White House. A sudden shift in rollout planning could not have been good for consistency and would have certainly confused and slowed the work of vaccine distributors. Another problem with the vaccine rollout is that much of the public simply had unrealistic expectations of success. It is easy to hope that everybody gets vaccinated in a month and America opens up again, but such a massive operation with largely new technology and many different people is bound to have some mishaps. In some other countries, people were largely dependent on the AstraZeneca vaccine being successful, and now it has been stalled in several countries and is feared by many citizens. 


With the world having been in lockdown for over a year now, people are understandably getting impatient, and after having such high hopes for the vaccines, many are very angry with how it has worked out. That being said, realistically it has worked out pretty well, considering that the vaccines were developed in less than a year. Despite all of the problems, the vaccines have had an effect as the death tolls and cases of many countries seem to have decreased. However, many suspect that herd immunity has already taken place in some places and is not far away from being commonplace. Either way, it seems as if this pandemic is winding down, and that can only be good news.