What are Pizza Farms?


Pizza farms are farms that are primarily in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and other states in the midwest. These farms invite people to come and eat at their farm and make food that is freshly made with the ingredients they have grown or harvested on the farm. These pizza farms have evolved from regular farms like dairy farms to pizza farms, such as Stoney Acres, which was founded in 1948 and was originally a dairy farm but changed in 2012 when Schultz bought the farm from his parents and started to make pizza into a pizza farm.

The main appeal is that most of the ingredients at most pizza farms are very local and grown on the farm. At Stoney Acres, Schultz has grown tomatoes, wheat, and almost all of the pizza toppings people can usually get at a regular pizza place. The only thing Schultz is not doing is cheese, which he gets from his neighbors. Since his neighbors produce the cheese, he says it’s hyper-local.

Pizza farms are all around the midwest, but here are some pizza farms that are in the state of Wisconsin. “A to Z Produce and Bakery” is a pizza farm where its first-ever event took place in 1998. This is most likely one of the first examples of this food concept in Wisconsin since it’s a dairy state. Robbi Bannen and Ted Fisher use wheat grown on the 80-acre farm, then ground in a stone mill; next, vegetables are sliced and diced for toppings and pasture-raised pork. They also use a brick oven to bake the pizzas. The stone barn is owned by Matt and Marcy Smith, the fourth family to own this 35-acre farm, which goes back to the 1890s. Their organically grown herbs and meat top a menu of 11 thin-crust, Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in a wood-fired brick oven. The seating is both indoors and outdoors. People can also wait out their pizza’s baking time while playing yard games.

Pizza farms are very interesting places with many different style pizzas, and each one of these farms has some interesting history. These farms in the Midwest also consist of mostly local ingredients grown and harvested on the farm to their pizzas. Pizza farms are places where everyone should try and visit once in their life.