NYC Woman Finds Empty Apartment Behind her Bathroom Mirror

On Wednesday, March 3, a New York woman named Samantha Hartsoe found a disturbing secret lurking behind her bathroom mirror in her apartment. This all started when Samatha’s apartment became unusually cold, no matter how high the heat went. When she walked over to her bathroom, there was air coming out of the door frame.  Later she realized that there was air coming from behind her bathroom mirror too. Samantha found this extremely odd and interesting, so she decided to make a four-part TikTok series about it.

When Samantha removed the mirror from the wall, she was shocked to find a gaping hole in the wall.  She then stuck her phone through the hole while recording and found out that there was another room back there.  The first thing that crossed her mind was, what if someone lives back there? She became curious as to what was back there, so she geared up in a mask, attached a flashlight to her head with a headband, and armed herself with a hammer just in case anything was back there.  After some help from her friends she had over, she made it through the hole.

There were full trash bags all around the empty apartment, which was very disconcerting to Samantha. She saw a water bottle on the banister, which was the “only sign of life” in the building. As Samantha continued to look around, she found a disconnected toilet and some boxes. She didn’t find anyone down there or anything else weird, so she decided to head back through the hole. Her friends were thrilled when she came back alive, and they helped her back into her apartment. Samantha then hung her mirror back up over the hole and said, “My landlord is getting a really fun phone call tomorrow.” Eventually, Samantha cemented her mirror onto the wall to prevent any further mysteries from emerging.