Book Review – Caraval Series

Stephanie Garber, the author of the wonderful Caraval series, really outdid herself with it. The Caraval trilogy is an amazing series.

    The Caraval series was introduced to the world on September 29, 2016, with its first book, Caraval. Since then, the fanbase for the book has grown by hundreds. The second book, Legendary, published on May 29, 2016, also had great reviews. Finale, released on May 7, 2019, finished the series with a bang! 

    The series follows the story of the Dragna sisters named Scarlett and Donatella. The first book is from the perspective of Scarlett as she and her sister are accepted into Caraval. Caraval is a magical once-in-a-lifetime show that they have been trying to get into for the past eight years. When they get to Caraval, though, her sister is taken hostage, and Scarlet has to find her. In this time, she finds the beauty and nastiness of Caraval. She also finds love and happiness. The first book is captivating and lets the readers dive into the magical world of Caraval.

The second book in the series is from the perspective of Donatella, also known as Tella. As she tries to find herself and her mother, who has been lost for years, she discovers many different things. The second addition to the series gives us a better look at the world of Caraval. As we see Tella grow, we see Scarlet grow too. The second book introduces many new characters and places that the readers have never seen before. 

The final book of the series is as breathtaking as the first two and follows many characters at the same time. This book focuses on both the sisters and has both their perspectives. The book also focuses on Legend, the person who made Caraval in the first place. This stunning last addition to the series ties up all the books and ends it spectacularly.

These books are great reads for anyone interested in fantasy, romance, and adventure. The books are also very heartwarming and show different types of love. These great books make readers feel like they are in another world with the great writing of Garber. Many readers have said that the books are their favorite and they would love to read them again. In conclusion, many say that the Caraval series are worth the hype.