Women’s History Event

Women’s History Month is a month of celebrating women, and KMS didn’t let it go unnoticed. KMS has made a Women’s History Month competition to honor the women in history and in students’ lives. 

The competition is one that is fun and rewarding. The semifinal winners are rewarded with their project being shared on Kraemer’s social media and the school-wide  Google Classroom. The finalists are awarded an at-home delivery of their certificate and lunch. With the deadline approaching March 15, students have to submit their entry to a Google Form that is posted in the school-wide Google Classroom.  

Throughout history, women have been degraded for their gender, and this competition helps students learn about the legacies of women that are not in our history books. The entry that the students have to submit is a reflection of what the women did. They have to have a title and have to follow a prompt.  The three forms of entry are art, poetry, and video. When students enter an art piece, they have to create their original work or recreate a famous image. If a student chooses poetry, they have to perform the women’s poem(song, rap, etc.) or write an original poem and perform on their own. The last choice is video. Students would have to make a video about their women of choice and their accomplishments. This video can also be a Tik Tok-type video. 

The rules for this competition are simple and easy to follow. As said before, students have to have a title for their work. Students must also credit original artwork or poems when they turn in their entry in the Google Form. Students can also work in groups of two or three or independently.

The winners of the competition were Anisha Nangia, Elizebeth Arellano, and Katherine Nguyen. Every student who entered did an amazing job and was very creative. This competition encourages students to be creative and learn about the history of women.