What’s the Future for the Eagles?


With the recent trade of Carson Wentz and letting Aslon Agholor and Jalen Mills go no one really knows what the eagles are doing. They traded their star quarterback for a 3rd round pick when he had an abundance of more value than a 3rd round pick. They also let their best safety go, Jalen Mills, and the last good wide receiver they had with Alshon Jeffery. They also traded the 6th round pick for a 12th round pick and a 2022 first-round pick which is a questionable trade.


What seems like the best thing to do for the Eagles is to try and build on Jalen Hurts and tank at the same time. If they want to make Jalen a franchise quarterback they have to put a lot of work into him and surround him with good teammates. They should get good teammates for him if they want to win in the long run and not now. What they could do is tank and get the 1 or 2 draft pick and surround him with good wide receivers. They already have a good tight end with Wentz but he might want to leave and play with a contending team while he is in his prime. 


The Eagles on paper look like they do not have a good team now but they could have a future star team if Howie Rosman makes the right decisions. Howie Roseman is the main person who makes calls for trades and signings and he is also the vice president of the team. The main reason Wentz wanted out was because of the firing of Doug Pederson and the poor decisions Howie was making. Carson Wentz was Doug Pederson´s quarterback and Pederson mentored Wentz over the years. This caused a lot of bad blood with Carson and the team management. The next season isn’t looking so good for the eagles with their new quarterback because the team doesn’t have a lot of chemistry at this time. The best thing the Eagles can do is tank, get a good draft pick, and build around Jalen Hurts or a new quarterback that they draft. The Eagles have always been a team that hasn’t been that good or too bad but in the past years they have really stood out. On paper, they were looking like the best team but then injuries plagued them and they didn’t do so good. Now they are one of the worst teams on paper in just one season.