Should books be banned?

     Ah yes, Books. The Fine Wine in relaxation, just being able to sit, relax, maybe have a warm drink to help soothe you even further. The sun shining on you just enough to make you feel warm and happy, the birds chirping, and the couch firmly padded. But all of a sudden… THERE’S A CUSS WORD!!! Time slows down. The book grows gaping fangs and grows to 10x its size. You take some scissors, and trust me, they’re NOT for safety. You cut page after page after page until there’s nothing left but some paper scraps on the floor. You go to the White House, and they deem it as a National Crisis as reports come in of Karens buying the book, only for their 34-year-old that still lives in the basement to read a cuss word. He’s too young to read cuss words! The entire world gathers to recite an ancient spell, purple flames igniting from the depths of the Underworld. Everyone dumps their book into it until there is one left. It pleads for mercy, but it doesn’t get any, as it’s hurled into the flames. They find the Author and recreate the Salem Witch Trials until she is inevitably sentenced to a life in prison for crimes against humanity… lucky we got that Harry Potter series eradicated from existence! Nobody even liked it anyways.

    Books can get banned for a variety of reasons, although not on the extreme value of my short introductory scenario. But since the requirements for getting banned are numerous, some are, let’s just say, not Middle-School Friendly. Luckily, that still leaves plenty to talk about in this article, so let’s get started. The number one reason for books being banned is it not being school-friendly. So instead, we’ll talk about the second most common reason, being “Violent or Explicit Language.” Obviously, the most straightforward and understandable thing for a wide range of ages to know is cuss words. We categorize them with corresponding letters and get a significant amount of “Ooooooooh’s” whenever someone says them. But what about the characteristics you wouldn’t think apply to books? As it turns out, a large number of books get banned for not sticking to what they believe is their recommended age guidelines. For example, a book can’t have the full novelization of World Peace and be marked for Toddlers. And my sources have given me tons of reasons, but the most explicit remaining seem to be Racism, Drugs, Violence, etc. 

    Problems always have a catalyst. The initiators for book bannings come from parents, then patrons, and then administrators.

 I LOVE to read, and I read about 15+ hours a week when I can. And for most of the reasons they are banned, I can respectfully agree and say that there are good reasons for books getting exterminated. If you want to see the results for yourself, check out my source, “Banned Books: Reasons Books are Banned” (Butler University) and hopefully have yourself a good day.