NBA All-Star Weekend


Every year, the greatest basketball players are all gathered to test their skills on certain challenges. The NBA All-Star weekend was on March 7, 2021. The 4 competitions were the Skills Challenge, The Dunk Contest, The Three-point contest, and the All-Star Game. The NBA All-stars have been around since 1950.


The Skills Challenge is one of the most interesting to watch. Players are challenged to go through an obstacle course. This obstacle course tests the players passing, dribbling, agility, and three-point shooting. There are three rounds of this competition where one player is eliminated each round. The 6 contestants of the skills competition in 2021 were Chris Paul, Luka Doncic, Nikola Vucevic, Julis Randal, Domatnis Sabonis, and Robert Covington. The two players that made it to the final round of the skill competition tournament were Domathnis Sabonis and Nikola Vucevic. But the winner of the Taco Bell Skills Challenge was the player from the Indiana Pacers, Domathnis Sabonis! With Domathnis winning the competition, that left Chris Paul 0-5 in the Skills Competition.


The next competition is the all-time favorite Dunk Contest. The dunk contest is composed of 2 rounds where players will be attempting to dunk a basketball. After the dunk, the judges will rate the dunk from 6-10. During the competition, history was made. In the 2021 dunk contest, the Portland Trailblazers won! The player that won it for the team was Anfernee Simmons. Throughout the competition, each dunk was stunning to watch. Anfernee won the dunk contest by defeating Obi Toppin in the finals. 


The next competition that everyone likes is the three-point competition. The three-point competition is a challenge where people shoot three-point shots to get the highest score. This competition was very intense. In the finals, the players were Mike Conly and Stephen Curry. Previously in 2015, Stephen Curry was the three-point contest champion. Mike Conly scored 27 points in the finals. It was an intense final round, but Stephen Curry hit all the shots he needed. Stephen Curry scored 28 points and has now won the three-point contest twice.


The Final Competition is the All-star game. The teams were team, LeBron vs. team, Kevin Durant. The game was very exciting to watch. The All-Star Game is just a normal basketball game, but both teams have the best NBA players. There were many cool dunks, layups, and three points in the game. The final score of the game was 170 to 150. Team LeBron won with Giannis Antetokounmpo being the MVP. Giannis scored 35 points on his own. Giannis shot 16 shots and made all 16. Overall, the All-star weekend was exciting to watch, and it is always fun to see who will win.