Broadway Theaters Reopening

With the struggle of finding a good source of entertainment during the COVID pandemic, people are becoming more and more bored with everyday life, especially the people of New York. In 2018-2019, right before the country went into lockdown, over 14 million people attended a Broadway show. Needless to say, many people are missing live entertainment.


In 1750, Walter Murray and Thomas Kean opened one of the first theatres in New York City. It was small but could occupy 280 people, and the actors performed Shakespeare plays and other operas. It was located in Union Square, rather than Times Square, which is the current location. When the location changed, more and more people started to flood the building. Demand for shows was increasing, and producers and actors gave them their entertainment needs.  


“In April, select Broadway theaters … will open their doors to audiences for the first time since March 12, 2020, with a series of special NY PopsUp programs,” New York officials and organizers of Broadway say. The NY PopsUp program was developed by Scott Rudin and Jane Rosenthal, who show business producers. Their goal is to provide people with free outdoor performances all around the state. 


Somewhere from April 2 to May 30, certain theaters will allow 100 people indoors. They all must be tested, wearing masks and social distancing at all times. Thousands of dancers, actors, singers, and crew are also excited for the reopening. A majority of Broadway performers heavily depend on their performances for income, but with the pandemic, they were all thrown out of jobs. However, returning to performing will be difficult because of the long unwanted break, the new guidelines of social distancing, and wearing masks. 


As COVID cases fall and more vaccines are being delivered to people, the brighter the future becomes for Broadway. After a year of being dark, Broadway is finally reopening, and even though it won’t be the same, it’s still something.