Student Spotlight – Leslie P.


Leslie P is a 7th-grade student attending Kraemer Middle School. For her electives this year, she has Avid and Art. But for 8th grade, she wants to have Japanese, and she also wants to continue to take Advanced Art for her electives. Leslie’s favorite teacher for 7th grade is Ms. Inoue, who teaches math because she is nice and makes their class fun. Leslie does not have a favorite class in particular, but if she had to choose, it would be her art class. She chose her art class to be her favorite because it was fun when she got to do art projects for her classwork and homework. For her grades for the third quarter of 7th grade, she has C’s. Though she doesn’t have a particular college she wants to go to, she wants to become a YouTube animator when she’s older. She would like to be an animator because she has loved drawing ever since she was young, and she had been inspired by other animators on youtube too. 

Leslie P was born in 2008 on January 31st, and she had turned 13 this year. She had traveled to Hawaii multiple times. She’s stated that Hawaii was cool, the places were beautiful, and the food there was great. In her free time, she likes to read manga and enjoys any genre. She is interested in many anime and Danganronpa. Her favorite anime is Attack on Titan because the story’s plot is exciting and creatively different. Leslie’s likings are anime, food, sleep, gaming, and her friends. Though her dislikes are people that she finds annoying, and she dislikes homework. She has short shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes, but when her eyes are in sunlight, they become a lighter brown color. The type of clothes she likes to wear is oversized hoodies and normal clothes that look cute but are comfortable. Leslie doesn’t like to socialize with people, but when they talk about something that she is also interested in, she likes to socialize with them.