What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest? Many people have heard about the website called Pinterest, but what is it exactly?

Pinterest was founded by three men who came together to help people find things that they love. As the CEO and co-founder of Pinterest, Ben Silberman helps people collect things they love, as he did when he was younger. The architectural mind of Evan Sharp led him to design Pinterest and lead their creative team. Paul Sciarra launched Pinterest and left in 2012 to work on other technology. 

Pinterest was created in January of 2010. This platform is where people can share ideas and help others discover new things. Silberman said it was a place where you could “get ideas for your real-life.” Pinterest became popular in 2010, shortly after it was created. Its popularity was because of its unique feature of a virtual pinboard, which also saves the person ideas and info in “pins.” Its algorithm also changed over the past years. At first, it followed other social platforms by letting people follow and like other’s pins. Now its new algorithm makes suggestions based on your activity on the app. Although it was similar to other social networking sites, it is not a social networking site as Pinterest was made for the user to collect useful things for themselves rather than sharing content. Pinterest is also more for independent users. 

Although this may be true, Pinterest isn’t all perfect. Pinterest was called “just for girls” in its early years and struggled to enter the male-dominated world. This made Pinterest keep to itself and not get involved with other apps. This also led to it getting more money and fewer security problems. Even with its distancing itself, it still had fake accounts, scammers, and trolling. These things rarely happen, though. Pinterest also has a reputation for not doing well because its growth was not as big as other platforms., With all this in mind, Pinterest is still being used and still helping people do what they love.

Pinterest may have its setbacks, but it is still very trendy and is finding new ways to help people reach their app’s goals. They added a “Following” tab to the app and but still don’t go as a networking platform.  

In conclusion, Pinterest is an app where users are able to find interesting and useful information for themselves. Pinterest is also an alternative to their apps as it is highly visual, offers commenting, lets users be themselves, and shows who they are to the world.