Original Stonehenge Found

In many folk tales and stories, it is said that the great wizard Merlin moved the stones of Stonehenge from Wales to England, and recently, part of these stories have been proven true. The original Stonehenge has been found in Wales. 

The whole discovery started in 2010 when Mike Parker Pearson and his team saw that Waun Muan was a suspect place that the Original stones might be located. After researching it for months, the team discovers a circle of holes similar to the stones at Stonehenge. At the beginning of the research stage, the team’s magnetometer and earth resistance tests led to nothing. Parker says, “We concluded that since the instruments didn’t show us anything, there couldn’t be anything there, a serious mistake.” 

After years of searching other sites, the team came back to Waun Maun and had to dig in the dirt and found four stones in an ark. They had dismissed them originally, but when they came back, they looked more closely, and two holes on either side of the four stones, forming an almost perfect semi-circle. 

They suspected that this could be Stonehenge’s original location, but to prove it, the team needed to find out if these stones were erected and moved before 3000 B.C. when the construction of Stonehenge started. To do this, the team measured the last time the soil had gotten sunlight, and it was definitely before 3000 B.C. Lastly, they discovered that one of the stones of the Stonehenge had a pentagonal bottom, and they found a hole that perfectly matched the stone. Also, the diameter of the holes matched the diameter of Stonehenge.

And for the tale linking Stonehenge, Ireland, and Merlin the Wizard together, the team looks into the the1136 book History of the Kings by Geoffrey of Monmouth. In the book, Geoffrey describes how Merlin, seeking the magical healing properties of the bluestones, dismantles the magical circle of stones called Giant’s Dance. Though his stories have been confirmed as myths, Parker’s discoveries have proved that at least a few of the old author’s writings were correct.

Are there any more secrets hiding in the original Stonehenge? Parker seems to think so since there are an estimated 80 bluestones scattered throughout Salisbury Plain. And though the stories that led to these discoveries were said to be legends, there’s one thing for sure, and that is that these discoveries are making legends of their own.