Pack of Blue Dogs Found Near Old Chemical Plant in Russia

A pack of 7 dogs was found roaming around an old chemical plant in Dzerzhinsk, which is just 230 miles east of Moscow, Russia. These dogs, however, had something very wrong with them. Their fur had turned various shades of blue. Many people have mixed emotions about this situation. Some find this funny and say that the dogs look like cartoon characters or even smurfs, but others are not amused by it. Some say that the dogs’ discoloration is the result of toxic pollution. The interesting color of the dogs is thought to have been picked up after being exposed to chemicals from an abandoned factory.

A chain of chemical factories closed down due to bankruptcy in 2015, and one chemical produced there was copper sulfate. Copper sulfate has a bright blue color to it. It is used in the manufacturing of plexiglass and hydrocyanic acid. With this information, people are starting to think that the dogs may have rolled in it, which caused their change in fur color. A similar situation happened several years ago where various animals changed color due to coming into contact with dyes.

Not many people were willing to help contain the dogs so they could receive help. Not even after Kelly O’Meara, Humane Society International’s vice president of companion animals explained that “The dye on their fur implies they have had direct contact with or even ingestion of potentially toxic or harmful substances. This could result in painful skin burning or itching or internal bleeding and illness that could lead to death, without veterinary intervention.”

An investigation has been launched, so hopefully, this situation will be solved very soon.  The investigation is being led by the Nizhny Novgorod and Mordovia branch of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, which is known as Rosprirodnadzor. This is still a concerning topic, but with time we should have the answers we need to prevent this from happening again.