The 2022 Winter Olympics

The Olympics are something that many star athletes look forward to and want to participate in. It is not very easy to make your way to that kind of level. It takes determination and pride in what you are doing.


Most athletes who want to go to the Olympics will practice every day and even be homeschooled to do so. Others leave their families to stay with a coach full time to improve. It is a very life-consuming achievement that not many people get.


The Olympics include both winter and summer sports. To do this, every two years they switch off. For example, if the Summer Olympics went on in 2016, the winter would go on in 2018. The locations these are held vary and are not always the same. The first recorded Olympics were held in Greece in 776 BC, but many say that they had been going on for around 500 years before that. The Olympics were held to honor the Greek God Zeus. At that time, the sports were limited to only foot races but later added wrestling, boxing, horse and chariot racing, and military competitions. Present-day Olympics have far more sports than they used to. The first Winter Olympics did not start until 1921, in Chamonix, France. About 258 people were competing, which included 247 men and only 11 women.


The Summer Olympics were supposed to have been held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the games were canceled and postponed to 2021. It is not yet confirmed whether or not they will happen.  Although the Covid vaccine has recently come out, officials are still not sure if that is good enough to be able to hold such a big event. If the summer games do not happen, they will be canceled and not rescheduled. This would be a disappointment to both fans and athletes because this could be the first or last Olympics for some athletes to perform in. New sports were added to the games, which included skateboarding, surfing and breaking, and sport climbing. This is such a big deal to those who are good at these sports, and for the Olympics to be canceled the first time they were added would be heart-breaking for some.


Overall, it would be a significant upset for the games to be canceled, but at least it’s not for good. The Covid-19 pandemic has made a big impact on our everyday lives, and it might not be for a while until things are back to normal, so we have to make the most of what we have. We will be able to see the Olympics again and again for years to come.