Can Videogames make People Smarter

Video games are fun activities to play and enjoy, but video games can make people smarter. A study at the University of Rochester says that playing video games results in faster and more accurate decision-making. Specific games can help with learning as well. For example, puzzle and strategy games force some people to think deeply about the best thing. Action video games also have a very good outcome when playing it, increasing learning capability.


People playing video games can become faster and have a more accurate decision-making time. According to the study at Rochester University, people develop a heightened sensitivity to what is happening around them. This benefit doesn’t just make people better at video games but also improves various general skills that can help out with everyday activities. For example, multitasking, driving, reading small print, keeping track of people in a crowd, and navigating around the town are improved due to video games. The research shows that the brains of people who play video games compared to people who don’t play video games are better at collecting visuals and noises from their surroundings and using the information they got to make a quick decision on what to do.


Yale researchers performed a study where specific video games can help people with learning. The researchers conducted a study with 583-second graders where they had the students play a brain training game called Active. After playing the brain training game, the results showed that those who played for twenty minutes three times a week for four months excelled at the subject of math and reading tests compared to the students who didn’t play the video game. Different researchers are also finding out that playing video games can help those with specific learning hurdles.


 A study shows that action video games can improve your ability to learn quickly. This study involves two groups of gamers. The first group playing action games, and the second group played non-action games. They then had a group complete a task that required them to learn the process to complete it. The study then found out that while both of the groups were able to complete the task, it was the action video game players who completed the task first. They were able to finish the task first and learn the process faster.


Video games can, in fact, make people smarter. After the study at Rochester university helping with everyday things, the Yale researchers study how games help with learning and how action video games can help with learning. Also, it’s safe to say that video games do make people smarter.