Student Spotlight – Irene K.

Irene K. is a 7th-Grader from Woodsboro. She lives with her mom, dad, and her brother, twin brother Jesse. At Kraemer, her electives are Advanced Orchestra and Science Olympiad. Her favorite subject is Science Olympiad because of the competitions and events that she gets to attend. As for her 8th-grade electives, she hasn’t really thought about them yet, but she definitely wants to do SciOly (Science Olympiad) again.

Her family is busy enough as it is, but her lifelong wish is to have a dog. Irene states that she doesn’t have a preference for what kind of dog; she just wants one. Her hobbies are playing volleyball, watching k-dramas, studying for SciOly, and/or watching youtube. Since her hobbies consist of playing volleyball, naturally, her favorite sport is also volleyball.

The quarantine has messed up everyone’s lives, and it’s also messed up Irene’s. What she had to miss out on due to COVID was hanging out with her friends and traveling to new and/or old places. Some places that she would usually visit is Korea. Since her relatives live there, she can do many more activities, and the food tastes delicious. She says that what she misses most about not being in quarantine is seeing her friends and going out and meeting people. However, even though quarantine has taken many things from her, there are some pros to having little to no distractions. She has more time to spend with her family and watch movies as well as play with them. She also says that she appreciates the fact that during online school, her dinners are warm and not cold by lunchtime.

When Irene was a 6th-grader, what she was looking forward to the most about going into middle school was seeing her old friends from other schools again. When she was faced with either going hybrid or remote learning, she chose hybrid because, for the subjects like Advanced Orchestra and PE, she felt like she has to be present. It also makes her feel more active and helps her interact with her teachers. She was also very excited when she learned that she was in Cohort A because she had the opportunity to carpool with her friends.

Irene is a really nice person and if you’re in Cohort A, she’d definitely want to meet and talk to you!