Why the Physical Fitness Test is Necessary



Every year, there is a particular time of the month that most students don’t want to go through…the school physical fitness test. The fitness test measures the students’ ability to do exercises that require movement and are a part of daily life. It was created to help students to form habits of exercising or being active daily. As much as students dread this test and can’t find a reason why it should be a requirement, this ends up leaving a lot of kids to wonder: Is the school physical fitness test necessary?

To begin with, providing some background information first, the physical fitness test was created for schools to test the students in the three sections/categories of aerobic capacity, body composition, and muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. Some examples of these exercises and components for the tests are the one-mile run, push up, curl up, and body max index (measuring weight, height, etc.). All 5th graders, 7th graders, and 9th graders are required to take the physical fitness test around springtime (it can differ for all schools), including April and May.

As explained above, most students dislike going through this test because it may give them a hard time finishing it. For example, some of the students have trouble running a mile in approximately 10 minutes or under for the mile run. Other tests, such as flexibility, can make students struggle to reach the minimum requirement or go past it for a good grade in physical education. There are definitely some kids who enjoy the physical fitness test because it may challenge them or bring joy, but most of the students in schools despise the exam.

Although this physical fitness test might not be something students look forward to, there are many beneficial factors that come along with it. This test promotes and encourages students to develop healthy habits and plans of doing regular exercises or physical activities that can help one stay fit throughout their life. Especially nowadays, with more technology development and electronic usage, a lot of students tend to sit down and scroll through social media, play video games, or watch content from specific platforms like Youtube or Netflix. This can decrease young adolescents’ health since it means that their bodies are inactive throughout most of the days. Exercise has a heavy influence and impact on the human body and mind. As proven scientifically, physical activity can strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation. In addition to this, mental health can improve through exercise as well. When being active, the brain releases endorphins which are a group of hormones that are responsible for multiple complicated sections of the brain. Doing physical activities can allow for endorphins to release, which can aid with stress, depression, anxiety, and more that are related to a student’s well-being. This is why exercise and physical activity is essential and influential on a person’s life.

Overall, although the school physical fitness test might not be what students look forward to during the year, the test still has its own benefits that are useful and helpful. There are many factors to the fitness test that could be difficult, but it’s something that can change young adolescents’ habits and lifestyle. These facts and reasons are why the physical fitness test exists and occurs every year for the well-being of young scholars.