Why is racism hard to eradicate?

The debate for what can be defined as racism has been going on for decades. From white settlers owning slaves in early America to an African-American being wrongly accused, racism is a disease that many people are affected by. So this leads to the question, why is racism so difficult to eradicate?

The idea of race was created during the 1800s when a person’s color of skin was determined to rank their importance and privileges. This created the idea of “lighter skin is more privileged than those with darker skin.” However, it was not always like this. The real root of race came from the English, who thought that anyone weaker than them would become in debt to them and then belonged to them as indentured servants. As the United States came to be, they had taken Africans from their homeland to work for them since they seemed to be ‘weaker.’


The concept of race and racism started to develop when people started to develop and change their opinions and views on what they thought was just or not. Now, this way of people developing their opinions on race created the concept of, ‘people who are different than themselves have poor morals.’ Thus, making the white superior think that ‘anyone with a different colored skin than them is malicious.’ 


So why is racism so difficult to get rid of? Well, people are the main problem. The idea of weakness created by the English and white supremacy created by the Americans have corrupted other’s thoughts and opinions by having them believe that their race is superior and that everyone is below them. It’s the fear that people have created of not being superior, but it’s also a fear in the brain. Within the brain, normally, people who are different from themselves are scared because it’s unfamiliar to the brain. Racism also came from the way the brain is being persuaded if another person is speaking their mind. This shapes the brain’s amusement which clouds the person’s credibility.


Racism is a disease that has affected everyone, and has created sides to a problem that has a clear solution. It’s only one of the many problems that people have created because they think they are right. Racism is difficult to eradicate because people are too greedy to put aside their opinions and to listen to others.