CEO of SpaceX & Tesla becomes the Richest Person in the World


via The Verge

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX & Tesla, has recently become the wealthiest person globally, bypassing Jeff Bezos, who was the previous richest person in the world. Musk had a tremendous surge from only one year. Last year he was thought to have around only $36 Billion but now has approximately $188 Billion.                 


Musk, who was nowhere close to the wealthiest person in the world last year, became the world’s richest person this year. Musk is a 49-year-old billionaire who was born in South Africa on June 28, 1971. His full name is Elon Reeve Musk, and he has a net worth of $190 Billion. He has seven loving children with two past wives and one partner currently. Although he was from a middle-class family, he strived and became a multi-millionaire in his late 20’s and earned his first billion in his early 30’s. His mom was a model in Canada, who at one point worked five jobs at once to support her family. His dad was a wealthy South African engineer. His childhood was rough due to his parents divorcing while he was only 10, so he had to spend most of his childhood with his brother, Kimbal, and sister Tosca.  He was first interested in computers at the age of 12 and taught himself how to program, which was when he sold his first computer program. The game’s name was Blaster. At the age of 17, Elon moved to Canada to attend college but later decided to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. After a while, he moved to Stanford University in California to do a Ph.D. in energy physics, which he dropped out of only after two days due to the Internet Boom. After he studied, he worked at Tesla and became the CEO of it. He also became the CEO of SpaceX a few years following.


He became the world’s richest man out of nowhere by buying an enormous amount of Tesla stocks. He bought so many that his net worth grew by 548%, which made him the richest person in the world. Now he is happy with his family and fame, and lives a happy life with no worries about anything.