The Truth Behind Coronavirus


via Pixabay


In these last months, many people have suffered more than any time that they can remember. The primary source of this misery is, of course, the Coronavirus and the many effects that the pandemic/lockdown has had on people. During such a dark time, it is normal for people to ask how it all started. Many have heard the story of the man from Wuhan and the bat soup, but is that a good enough explanation for the suffering of billions? Is this tale accurate, or was it spun to hide something more sinister? Whatever the answers to these questions are, the truth won’t be uncovered by staying home and social distancing.


“When COVID-19 was first identified in late 2019, a video of a woman eating bat soup went viral.” This video sparked widespread rumors that the cause of the Coronavirus originated from eating bats. However, many arguments based on this video are entirely false. This video was not made in Wuhan or even China but was filmed in the Republic of Palau in the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, this video was filmed in 2016, over three years before the virus came to light. It has been confirmed that the outbreak stems from a wholesale meat market where bats with the Coronavirus may have been introduced. However, only 14 of the 41 original Coronavirus cases are not related at all to the market. It is possible that bats played a part in the virus´s early outbreak, but they have nothing to do with the source.


Of course, outside of the masses, there has been much speculation on the origin of this virus. ¨Just a few miles away from that food market is China’s only biosafety level 4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases” as well as other institutions that may have been involved with the virus. Of course, this raised suspicions of how natural this virus is, with theories of how the Coronavirus may have been part of China’s biological warfare program. However, these theories quickly subsided as scientists found the virus to be something ¨fundamentally unlike something that would have been designed¨.


While China does not appear to be responsible for creating this virus, there are still questions regarding intent. China blocked the release of information about the early days of the pandemic. An investigation also revealed that Chinese officials withheld information from the World Health Organisation for six critical days while the virus spread without restraint. Academics studying Chinese propaganda say that actions such as drastically undercounting the actual death toll were an attempt to distract from early failures. These attempts to cover up losses may have played a massive role in a global shutdown that has brought misery to billions of people. China may not have had a role in creating this pandemic, but that does not mean they are not responsible. Who will pay for this suffering, perhaps everybody, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.