Leonel Messi and the Fall of Barca

Whether you are a fan of soccer or not, you have probably heard the name Leonel Messi before, and for good reason. The 33-year-old Argentinian superstar has played for his world-renowned football club, Barcelona, at a professional level for 16 years. Since then, Messi has been recognized as one of the best soccer players of all time. Having won 6 FIFA player of the year titles, Messi has had arguably the most successful career of any soccer player ever. However, despite all of his success, discontent is abundant in Barcelona.


As expected of any athlete who has stayed with a team for 16 years, Messi has had his fair share of arguments with his club. Barcelona is, in many ways, a unique club, and the fans are some of the most passionate in the world. However, when things go wrong for the club, there is hell to pay. And despite being perhaps the best soccer player in the history of the sport, Messi is constantly taking the blame. Problems at Barcelona are not a recent thing, though. The club has had some awful losses in recent years. Two times Barcelona has suffered embarrassing losses in the last two Champion´s leagues. After beating Liverpool 3-0 at home, the Spanish super team had high hopes of cruising by the English squad at Anfield. Without two of their best offensive players, it seemed impossible to beat Barca by enough to come back, but miraculously the team in red won 4-0, nothing in a game known as the miracle at Anfield. Liverpool then became the winners of the Champion´s league, a title given to the world’s best team. Just next season, Barcelona suffered a defeat that shook the soccer world. The German powerhouse, Bayern Munich, obliterated Barcelona in a 8-2 win! Many recognize this as one of the worst defeats in soccer history. The Bayern Munich squad was later crowned the victors of the Champions League. On top of these defeats, Barcelona’s rising star, Ansu Fati, suffered an egregious injury that has kept him from playing. Things have not been well for the club.


Not only is Barcelona in a bad physical state, but they are also suffering from economic disparity. Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, made the gutsy and questionable decision to leak the private information of Messi´s contract with Barcelona. ¨Lionel Messi and Barcelona will take legal action against Spanish newspaper El Mundo after it released the leaked details of the forward’s record-breaking contract on Sunday.¨ This sensitive information may have been released to prove a point. The disturbing truth is that Barcelona is well over a billion dollars in debt. The massive club has many problems, and they certainly don’t need this one. Of course, as with any team in trouble, there has been much talk of Barcelona going out and getting contracts with superstars, but it would seem they don´t have the money to buy anyone at all. Of course, much of this debt was acquired by paying their superstar, Messi. ¨El Mundo published documents relating to Messi’s four-year deal, signed in 2017, and gave a detailed breakdown of the €555 million he would receive if all add-ons were met.¨ This report claims that it is the largest contract ever made on an athlete. Since Messi is often the target of blame at Barca, this could be disastrous for his support at the club. However, recently Messi tried to leave the club early for these same reasons, explaining that he was tired of always being the problem at Barcelona. However, nothing came of this escape attempt. With one year left on his contract, many are asking, ¨Will Messi see his club rise once again?¨ It is possible that Barcelona makes a comeback, but they could also fall even deeper into disparity. Either way, the soccer world will be watching to see what happens.