Summer Olympics in Tokyo


After fifty-seven long years,  Japan is finally hosting the 2020 Olympics in their capital, Tokyo. Due to COVID-19, the Olympics were postponed to March 2021.


However,  many were in disbelief that the event would take place. Even though vaccines are being distributed across the world, there are far too many health risks that could happen. At the beginning of 2021, when the summer games were announced,  there were rumors that the games would be canceled. However, this is untrue. Japan and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) stated that the event is planned to happen, and they will try to make the best of their ability because of COVID guidelines. This was cleared up on Kyodo News by Thomas Bach,  the head of the IOC. He stated that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are also on track to happen.  This does not mean that the statement is final; as COVID cases rising anything can happen.


The citizens of Japan don’t think that their country and the IOC should go ahead with the plan to keep the Olympics going. According to a Japanese broadcaster poll,  almost 80% of respondents think that the event should be postponed again or canceled. The IOC listened to the people’s responses and decided to take place on July 23,  2021. The decision saddened Tokyo because they spent over $12 billion building stadiums for the different sports, but they did not dispute it.


Furthermore,  Bach said that if the event does not occur during July, it will be canceled entirely and skipped. This will be the first time the games have been canceled since World War II. This arrangement will hurt Japan heavily as they have spent billions of dollars on the construction for the event.


Nonetheless,  the event should happen, and people are excited about the sports being introduced. Six new competitive activities are being brought into the event, including climbing, surfing, skateboarding, karate, and baseball/softball. Nevertheless, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are still on track to happen in July of 2021, with a surge of new and exciting sports to come.