Countdown to Baseball spring training


Will countdown to baseball spring training be affected by Covid-19? According to MLB, spring training is most likely to start on time from February 27 through March 30. Some teams are deciding not to allow fans in the stadium due to the pandemic and are unwilling to risk it. The Florida Grapefruit and Arizona Cactus leagues are divided into 15 teams training in each of the two states. Some of the teams have to share a stadium.


Although there is a chance fans will be able to come to Arizona or Florida to see their favorite teams play, the Cleveland Indians are not taking the risk of not allowing fans due to the pandemic. The Cactus League released the schedule and is starting on time. Before the whole Covid-19 pandemic, people were able to watch their favorite team practice before the game and get autographs now, most likely, that’ll be closed. Tickets can sell out pretty quickly from online or in-person, so some people just watch the game from outside and have a barbeque.


MLB said they should be able to play all their games without any interruptions, and if they allow fans, there will be a limit. According to NBC Sports, visitors will not need a vaccine or a negative test result to get in the stadium. All other professional sports are allowed to have fans but a limit, so MLB should do the same for spring training. According to the NFL, they capped the fans at 25,000, with another 7,500 tickets distributed to vaccinated healthcare workers across the country. Spring training has about 10,000 seats to 60,000, which is a lot of fans. If MLB allows fans to watch their favorite team play, there will most likely be a limit and keep masks on at all times.


Teams are discussing whether to let fans in the stadiums or play without fans in the stands. Also, several teams are already getting ready and packing to go to spring training. Spring training allows fans to see teams practice, and practices are generally held from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. with free admission. Although the whole Covid-19 pandemic is still going around, there’s still a slight chance MLB will let fans in to enjoy this spring ritual.