3 New Movies Coming Out in 2021

There are so many new movies coming out in 2021, but here are 3 that so many people are excited to see.  So many movie fanatics have been deeply upset about not being able to watch movies in an actual theater, but hopefully these three movies will make up for having to watch them from home.

This first movie is an animated adventure comedy.  It is called Minions: The Rise of Gru.  This movie is scheduled to come out on July 2 in the United States, and it’s rated PG.  This movie is about the story of a 12 year old boy named Gru who aspires to be the greatest supervillain of all time.  He enlists the help of his minions to help him achieve his goals.  Gru and his minions start off their supervillainy by building an evil lair, experimenting with weapons, and going on their first mission. Gru wants to be as evil as the supervillain group the Vicious 6, so he can then join them.  As Gru becomes a more experienced villain, he auditions to join the Vicious 6.  When Gru outsmarts them, they deem him to be their mortal enemy.  The actors voicing  a few of the main characters are Jullie Andrews as Gru’s mother Merlena Gru, Steve Carell as the one and only Gru, Lucy Lawless as the nun villain, Pierre Coffin who gives voice to the minions, and  Russell Brand who isGru’s evil assistant, Dr. Nefario.  Prior to this movie, here were two Minions movies, and a short Minion holiday film.

The next movie is Ghostbusters: Afterlife.  It is a comedy fantasy coming out on November 11, but doesn’t have a maturity rating just yet.  This movie is about a single mom and her two kids who move to a small town.  They are broke and only own a house that they inherited from their grandfather.  They soon start to realize their connection to the original Ghostbusters, and the secret legacy their grandfather aso left behind.  The cast of this movie consists of Finn Wolfhard who plays Trevor, McKenna Grace as Phoebe, Carrie Coon in the role of Callie, Sigourney Weaver who again plays Dana Barrett, Bill Murray who returns as Dr. Phil Venkman, and  Bokeem Woodbine who plays Sheriff Domingo.  This movie is a sequel that has three previous films.

The third and final movie is called Raya and the Last Dragon.  This movie is scheduled to be released on March 5, and its maturity rating is PG.  This is an animated action adventure film.  This movie takes place in a fictional land called Kumandra, where dragons and humans live in peace together.  Everything was going well until sinister monsters called the Druun came to wreak havoc on their land. The dragons sacrificed themselves to save the humans.  500 years later the same vile creatures returned, and it’s up to one lone warrior to locate the last dragon left and vanquish the Druun for good.  The voices behind some of the  characters are Kelly Marie Tran as Raya, Alan Tudyk who voices Tuk Tuk, Gemma Chan who gives voice to Namaari, and Benedict Wrong who voices Tong.

These are just some of the new movies coming out in 2021 that lots of people are excited to see.  It’s not too long until these movies are released, so make sure to be ready when they do.