Student Spotlight – Giulia D.


Giulia D. is a seventh-grader at Kraemer who is in the GATE program. Her electives are Spanish and Speech & Drama. She likes Spanish because learning languages is interesting and enjoyable for her. Speech & Drama is her favorite subject at school because she likes to be in an area where she gets to act and express herself. Next year, she will choose Spanish as her elective again as well as either another language or something in the subject of drama.

In her family, she has herself, her mom, and her dad. She’s an only child which is a let down for her but it also has its perks. To fill that empty space, she has two dogs, Apple and Carmel, along with four chickens, Brownie, Lola, Jemma, and Clara. She loves to play with her dogs and her chickens in her free time. Some hobbies that she does are swimming, watching Netflix, rollerskating, and playing the piano. At Kraemer however, you will probably see her talking with her friends and socializing as it is hard to make friends at this point in time.

Her favorite teacher at Kraemer is Mrs. Smith (the Speech & Drama teacher) because she appreciates Giulia’s quirkiness. Since she likes drama, what she wants to be when she grows up is an actress or something along that line.

Something that COVID-19 ruined was the Outdoor Ed that she was going to go to at her Elementary school, Fairmont Elementary. She was really looking forward to making memories with her friends and going hiking. She was also anticipating being able to once again meet her friends at Kraemer without having to deal with masks and cohorts.

Giulia’s favorite foods are sushi and/or Korean foods. If she could, she would eat those two foods every single day because of how much she enjoys them. Additionally, her favorite place to visit is Cancun which is located in Mexico. She loves to go here because of the new friends and memories that she’s able to make. One experience that she remembers is going to the beach. It was covered with tourists tramping on the beige sand. Giulia could also see swimmers and surfers out in the deep end of the turquoise waters. Of course, Giulia wasn’t permitted to go too far into the water but she was content enough with playing in the clear rocky shallow water.

Her favorite genre of books is realistic fiction. For example, one book that displays realistic fiction to her is the book The Survivor. The book is about a Jewish girl who is in Germany and at the time, the Nazis had just started invading the country. She and her family were sent into ghettos but there are too many people in the camp and she’s forced out. As she’s in hiding from the Nazis, a certain organization that’s against the Nazis takes her in. She then becomes a carrier who transports things either inside or outside of the ghettos. Later, she meets another girl which plays a big impact on her life. In contrast, her favorite genre of movies is romcoms. An example of a romcom that she is entertained by is Emily in Paris. Emily is a social media influencer who works for a business that tells her that she has to go to Paris. There she falls in love with a guy but it turned out that he had a girlfriend. The movie follows the plot of her trying to fit into Paris and complicated love narrative.

Giulia is one of the kindest people that you could meet and she would be more than willing to make more friends! Clearly, she’s a wonderful student and is a friendly person to everyone.