Major and Champ

As president Joe Biden moves into the White House, he also brings along two furry friends. These two furry friends are Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, with Major being adopted in 2018 and Champ’s adoption in 2008. Major and Champ are both German Shepherds. These dogs have some very interesting stories on how they were adopted.

President Joe Biden is the first president to have a rescue/shelter dog live in the white house. Major is a rescue dog that Biden Adopted from the Delaware Humane Association. At the time of his adoption, the Bidens’ said, “We are so happy to welcome Major to the Biden family.” The UD Review reported that Major was one of six puppies abandoned at the DHA after consuming toxic material in their prior home. This caused the previous owner to have high medical bills for the puppies. Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley saw a fundraising post looking to raise money for the puppies’ veterinary costs. Ashley then went to show her parents and they applied to foster and then later adopted Major.

Champ is the oldest dog out of the 2 of them, and the Bidens’ got from a Pennsylvania breeder in late 2008. Jill told her husband that they could welcome a dog into their family after the year’s election was over, Politico reported at the time. The Bidens’ announced on Christmas day that they had named the puppy Champ. They named the puppy Champ after the nickname Joe Biden’s father often used to motivate him to get back up after being knocked down. The Bidens’ reportedly chose a German Shepherd because Biden had owned, trained, and showed them since he was just a child. Champ has spent eight years in Washington DC, living in the capital while Joe Biden served as vice president. While in Washington, Biden made a habit of handing out miniature toy plush versions of Champ to kids through his vice-presidential duties.

That was most of the stuff people need to know about Joe Biden’s dogs Champ and Major. With Joe Biden moving in with his dogs and family, it’s good to see more information about the two furry friends Champ, and Major.