Top 5 Must-Read Books from the KMS Library

The KMS Library has some of the greatest books of all time, and here are a few of the must-reads.

First off is the book, One of Us is Lying. This New York Times bestseller is a mystery, romance, and drama novel written by Karen M. McManus. In this book, characters go through some of the many things normal teenagers are going through at their age, making this a relatable book. This book also has many different personalities and points of view. One of Us is Lying is a great book for murder mystery nerds and romance lovers. The sequel One of Us is Next is also in the KMS library. 

Next in line is The Rest of The Story. This Sarah Dessen novel is a fantastic summer story in which readers see many different emotions captured. The book is a contemporary, drama, and romance book. The main character in this story is very well composed like the rest of the book is. The Rest of The Story is for romance and drama lovers. It also has many tear-jerking moments.

Thirdly, The Year We Fell From Space is a great underrated book. Amy Sarig King wrote this amazing book. The whole book follows a 12-year-old girl who goes through many changes in her middle school life. This book is for anyone who wants to see that they are not the only ones going through something. The Year We Fell From Space is an amazing story that shows a middle schooler’s inside clockwork.

Then there is Legend, a sensational dystopian novel. Marie Lu, the New York Times bestselling author, wrote this beautiful adventure novel. This fictional dystopian novel is an action-packed thriller. Legend is a great book for dystopian fiction, action, and romance readers. It has two more sequels called Prodigy and Champion.

Finally, a teacher fave, Touching Spirit Bear. Ben Mikaelsen, the author of this book, took inspiration from Tlingit Indian traditions. This book is a motivating book that shows a change in a person.  Touching Spirit Bear is an amazing book to read for motivational support on changing mentally. Touching Spirit Bear has a sequel called Ghost of Spirit Bear, which is as remarkable as its predecessor.

These are only some of the amazing books from the KMS Library.