Top 4 Desserts at Knott’s Berry Farm

There are many delicious desserts to enjoy while at Knott’s Berry Farm, but a select few are very popular.

This first dessert can be found on Ghost Town’s outskirts, and it is the Sutter’s boysenberry topped funnel cake.  This funnel cake is made fresh from Sutter’s funnel cake stand.  Consumers have the option of having just a plain funnel cake with powdered sugar or a “fully loaded” funnel cake.  The fully loaded funnel cake comes with ice cream and your topping choice of chocolate, strawberry, or boysenberry.  This funnel cake stand is open daily, so everyone’s funnel cake needs can be met.

The next delicious dessert that visitors enjoy is the fun bun.  The fun bun is a deep-fried cinnamon bun topped with drippy boysenberry glaze and dusted with powdered sugar.  This dessert’s crunchy exterior complements its warm, soft interior.  This sugary dessert is a classic Knott’s Berry Farm treat.  The fun bun can be purchased in Ghost Town or at The Boysenberry Festival in March and April. This delectable pastry is popular among visitors all year round.

This third magnificent dessert is the classic caramel apple.  Anyone who loves having something a bit extra, then head on over to the caramel apple stand.  Knott’s decided to add a bit of a twist on the caramel apple by giving the option to add toppings to your apple.  There are many toppings, but the most popular one is Oreo bits.  Most would think that the Oreo would be ground up, but no.  The cookie is broken into huge chunks and added to the apple.  This gooey masterpiece is a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Last but not least, is the boysenberry stuffed churro.  This foot-long churro is deep-fried until golden brown and then dunked in cinnamon sugar.  The fun part is when the boysenberry jam is added into the churro.  The jam is piped into the center of the churro and then given to the customer.  This wonderful treat is a great on-the-go snack.

These are just some of the delicious desserts that visitors can buy at Knott’s Berry Farm, but these are the most popular ones that can be found.