Best Places to go in Vancouver

Vancouver has some of the best places to go in the beautiful, snowy country of Canada. While there are hundreds of things to do and places to visit, here are some of the best.

Vancouver is a place where scary things can happen. Vancouver: Lost Souls of Gastown Tour tells the most gruesome stories to ever happen. They tell the stories of an unsolved murder mystery, smallpox outbreaks, and the Great Fire, a fire that covered most of the city. The tour includes a walking tour down into the deepest and darkest alleys. Unfortunately, this tour is only open to adults (18+).

Only 15 minutes out of downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain, located in the northern part of the city, is a ski resort filled with cultural, educational, and outdoor activities suitable for all ages. There are different activities depending on the season (spring/summer and autumn/winter.) Some of the activities that take place in the winter are the skating pond, skiing, snowboarding, terrain parks, a Skyride, and a wildlife refuge. They also have a variety of restaurants and cafes located throughout the resort. Grouse Mountain is a peak first discovered by a group of hikers looking for a bird called the Blue Grouse. They later named the mountain after the bird.

Another place to go is a small island called Granville Island. There are a variety of things to do in categories such as art and culture, food, and history. There is also a public market full of fresh produce, handcrafted gifts, knick-knacks, and jewelry.

The island’s art and culture include painting studios, both for adults and kids, an art theatre club, fashion design studios, multiple jewelry shops, handmade metal pieces, candles, and much more. The food aspect contains many artisan shops with freshly baked bread and more baked goods. They also have patisseries, cheese shops, a candy store, a fish and chip shop, a coffee shop, and much more. Lastly, the history part of the island tells the story of how the island came to be. It tells how people industrialized what used to be a mudflat.  

Vancouver has a lot of experiences and places to visit scattered among the city. These places are only a glimpse of what the city holds. Vancouver is a beautiful place that everybody should get a chance to experience.